Graduation Project

The MECPS program is focused on preparing graduates for employment in industries such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, biomedical, manufacturing, robotics, security, defense, and construction. Rather than having a research focus, the program will require students to acquire integrative knowledge of systems, as well as hands-on knowledge and experience in an applied domain through a capstone project.

Projects can be individual or group projects. Students will select a particular emphasis area and will be assigned a faculty mentor, or will select a mentor whose area of expertise matches the project’s scope. The project will effectively start with Case Studies in CPS 209 and continue through CPS 210. The project selection process parallels the MS thesis topic selection process in a traditional MS programs, or the senior design project selection process common in engineering programs. In some cases, projects are proposed by students, in other cases by their faculty mentor. While local industry is supportive of the program (see attached letter from Broadcom), its participation is welcome but is not essential at present.